Dynamite Cycling Camp

Dynamite Cycling Camp

Live Coached Training

We’ve partnered with Velocity to provide live weekly rides, coached by one of our certified coaches. This provides not just a great workout, but specific coached cues to ensure you become the best cyclist you can be. The two-way video and communication allows both the coach and the athlete to see what’s going on. The coach can even see if your “in the green” or if you are going too hard or not hard enough. This is the latest in online cycling coaching. Join us for a two week free trial and see for youself!

our packages

Level 1 - $40/month

Level 2 - $50/month

related services

Triathlon Coaching

Whether you are looking for 1:1 coaching support for the upcoming season, custom training plans for that next big race, or just some advice along the way, our endurance coaching services can help you with the planning, workouts, race strategy, nutrition planning and more! Schedule a call with Coach Tom to learn more.

Team Dynamite

Join Team Dynamite to be included in our community! Basic membership is free and you can always access great coaching advice, workouts, race day tips and more.

Coaching Support

Sometimes you just need a little advice or an outside perspective. Anything that doesn’t fit our normal services, but could benefit from a coach perspective, reach out here! This could include video analysis of your run stride or swim technique; nutrition coaching; planning your season or developing a race strategy.  Looking forward to helping out!