Triathlon Coaching

Custom Triathlon Coaching

With the ever evolving landscape of triathlon training, it’s important to remain flexible in your training plan but always forward-thinking in your development. Having a coach to manage the big picture while also helping you navigate the week in, week out schedule that fits your life and competing challenges means you can spend more time just training and less time wondering if you are on the right track to meet your goals and aspirations. Custom triathlon coaching plans ensure that all of your training needs are taken care of. Your coach will work with you directly to plan your training, address any concerns or scheduling difficulties, answer any questions you have along the way and be there to support you as needed throughout your training and racing. Schedule a consultation to learn more!

our packages

Level 1 - $150/month

Level 2 - $250/month

Level 3 - $350/month

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Join Dynamite Endurance for live weekly rides!  We provide coach-led workouts several days per week, but you can also ride on your own by choosing a workout in our library, or replaying a recent coached session. Monthly subscriptions available (free for coached athletes).

Team Dynamite

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Coaching Support

Sometimes you just need a little advice or an outside perspective. Anything that doesn’t fit our normal services, but could benefit from a coach perspective, reach out here! This could include video analysis of your run stride or swim technique; nutrition coaching; planning your season or developing a race strategy.  Looking forward to helping out!