Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the most overlooked aspect of athletic performance

Good nutrition habits will ensure that you can train effecitvely, perform consistently and recover more easily. And, even more importantly, eating well can improve your mood, help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your risk of many diseases.


Nutrition Plans

Our approach to nutrition coaching is to help athletes find a system and plan that allows them to make the nutritional habits necessary to perform at their peak. Contact us to learn more and see how we can help you!


$ 150  / mo.

For the athlete that just needs a little guidance.

  • Monthly Coaching Call
  • Daily email lessons
  • Online Coaching via ProCoach
  • Race Nutrition Plan
  • Email Support

Choose Plan


$ 400  / mo.

This plan is best suited for serious competitors or for those needing complete meal planning.

  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Micronutrient Planning (vitamins and supplements)
  • Race Nutrition Plan
  • Email and Phone Support