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Coaching The Way You Want

We know everyone could benefit from the guidance of a coach, but the way your coached is something unique to you. We offer a variety of coaching options from the self-motivated athlete that just needs a plan and general guidance to the athlete looking for a break-through performance and needs a fully customized approach. Review our options below to see what works best for you.

Custom Coaching Plans

Looking to break through plateaus or want to ensure that your training is truly designed to meet your needs? Then our full custom coaching solutions are perfect for you.

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Standard Training Plans

Our pre-built training plans are perfect for those just getting started and wanting a plan to ensure they are training effectively & toward their goals.

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Nutrition Coaching

Dynamite Endurance provides nutrition coaching based on lifestyle habits you can use to lose weight and keep it off!

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What Our Clients Say

“Tom is a highly effective coach that has a clear coaching passion, commitment and in-depth understanding of triathlon and running sports. Tom is constantly engaged with the coaching community as a respected coaching visionary and uses his skills to develop personalized, assessment based and realistic coaching plan to achieve your goals. He coaches with excellence and principled around a trusted, motivating and valued relationship with his athletes.”

Duane B.
British Columbia, Canada

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Josh G.
NYC, New York

“Coming Soon.”

Jason M.
Dallas, Texas

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Training Notes

Check out our Training Notes for the latest in training strategies, philosopy, nutrition and more. There’s so much to know about our sport and we like to share what we learn with you. Let us know if you have a burning question and we’ll try to answer it for you!


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