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At Dynamite Endurance we are focused on delivering the best athlete experience in terms of quality endurance coaching, personalized training and a lifestyle approach to everything we do.

Endurance sports can be quite demanding. It’s not uncommon for many long course triathletes to train 20+ hours per week. But this isn’t always a sustainable lifestyle for many and we recognize that. Depending on your goals we help devise the best training strategy which could mean just 7-10 hours of training per week. All that matters is that your goals are strategic, attainable and reasonable for the efforts you are putting forth. There’s nothign worse than training all year only to miss the goals you set for yourself.

That’s where Dynamite Endurance coaching can help. I’ve probably been where you are now. I’ve been a top athlete, competitive at a national level. I’ve also been overweight, focused on my career and suffered injuries from trying to do too much too soon. I’ve had to learn new skills along the way. Skills that include nutrition, rest and restorative strategies, stress management, family balance, job priorities and, oh yeah, how to get that training in too.

My dedication to learning more and more has led me to become a coach. I’m now a certified endurance coach (swim, bike, run and multisport/triathlon), a level 2 nutrition coach (PN2) with multiple supportive certifications – personal trainer, functional movement (FMS1) among a few.

Trusting your athletic training to us is a commitment we take very seriously. Your success is our primary goal. Our relationship with every athlete is a dedicated partnership where we are all working to support your goals. You might just enjoy training with a guided plan or you might want to compete in a new distance race such as the marathon or Ironman. Or you might want to qualify for Boston or Kona and need very specific coaching help to succeed. Whatever your level of training or level of goals, we have the coaching expertise to help you reach them.

Contact us to learn more about our coaching philosophy and how we can help you dominate your next race or season. We look forward to coaching you!

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